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2019-2020 Roster

Drosopoulos Lampros
Fragkakis Velissarios
Chantzaras Spyros
Charatsis Nikos
Kollias Giorgos
Koutis Dionisis
Koutis Giorgos
Loureiro Sergio (POR)
Pontikopoulos Giorgos
Sioutis Angelos
Sioutis Giannis
Triantafillou Kostas
Vlachopoulos Antonis

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History of our Team

TSC Falcons Athens was founded and activated in 1992 by Konstantinos Triantafillou and his team mates and friends, based on an idea and initiative of its major co-founder since 1987. Note that it is an official amateur sports club since 2009.

The mission of the club was and still is, to have a systematic organization with sponsors, academies of young players and further transfers of good players having the same mentality and vision, setting higher and long-term goals.

The results of this restructuring plan were immediately visible, as many new young players surfaced in the Hellenic table soccer scene, placing an example for other strong clubs to follow. Many talented players had the opportunity to be members of our team together with some known and experienced ones. This mixture of talent and experience made TSC Falcons the most successful Hellenic team till today, winning several Hellenic as well as European titles and competing in many more for the years to come.

For more details about our team's wins and hits, please read the results section from menu.

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